About Pippco, Inc.

Pippco, Inc., a Chicago-based Women-Owned business,
specializing in delivering comprehensive interior and exterior
decorating services.

Established by Autumn in 2016, Pippco, Inc. is a design and consulting boutique that holds a profound appreciation for the arts and local artists and tradespeople in Chicago. As a client-focused business, Pippco ensures individualized attention and meticulous consideration for each project—because every client matters, every vision matters, and every detail matters. Leveraging an extensive network of artists and professional tradesmen, Pippco has the capability to bring your imaginative concepts to life across a spectrum of mediums and styles.

In addition to her role at Pippco, Inc., Autumn Pippenburg serves as the founder and President of Art of Giving Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing restoration services and mural installations to Chicago Public Schools. The foundation also extends support by providing supplies for teachers and students in Chicago’s most underserved communities.

Woman owned and operated since 2016

Pippco, Inc. is a woman owned and operated business since 2016. We focus on providing employment to women; this includes training them to learn a new trade in interior design and decorating.

“My mom was an interior remodeler and she was the hardest worker I’ve ever known. She knew more about her trade than the men hiring her and she never got the credit she deserved. And I know how that feels, as I am now in the same line of business.  It’s my goal to work with both men and women alike, empowering them to value each other’s attributes and different skills. Women deserve a place in the trades just as much as men do and I want to provide them that opportunity.” – Autumn Pippenburg

Featured Art

Inner Light

30” x 48” Acrylic on Canvas

Dancing from her inner light, her inner peace, she closes her eyes
and moves to the night. Dancing is inherent to her, she never forgets
her natural ability to move to her own rhythm.